Andy Wilson – Director of Maintenance/Operations

Andy has been in the Aviation business for over 31 years. Andy holds an Airframe & Power-plant license, Inspection Authorization, Private Pilots license, and a BS Degree in Aviation Management from Florida Institute of Technology. Andy has had a wide range of experience from Pratt & Whitney, Avemco, Delta/Comair, Million Air – Salt Lake City, and more recently was a contractor working with the military in Afghanistan.

Originally from back East, Andy came out west 14 years ago from sunny Daytona Beach, Florida. He is outgoing, loves the outdoors, has a quick wit, welcomes challenge and is a great addition to our team.

Jay Gilbert – Build Shop

Jay has been building custom aircraft since 2002. From builder assistance, to composite layups, bodywork and fabrication of aircraft parts, Jay is qualified! As a research and development technician for the Lancair kit company from 1992 to 1995, he worked on numerous projects including the Lancair IV-P door development. Jay has worked on building all Lancair kits and most recently is involved in the Build Assist shop at CAM for the Lancair Evolution. As the research and development shop supervisor for the certified Columbia Aircraft Company (now Cessna), Jay was involved in the wing, fuel cell, fuselage structural and fatigue testing along with building of the proto-type aircraft. A highlight for Jay was when he supervised and performed modifications for the final assembly of the Eric Lindbergh Columbia 400 aircraft, used to trace his grandfather’s flight to Paris.

Robert Cloutier – Interiors

Bob has 25+ years experience in the upholstery trade. He specializes in auto, marine, and small aircraft, with many show quality projects and awards to show for. He has owned and operated three different interior shops, his wide range of knowledge in the trade is a real plus for our company. He believes communication and attention to detail are extremely important and the key to a successful final outcome of a project.

Frank Pancoast – Avionics

Frank began his career in Aviation in 2007 with Lancair Avionics. While at Lancair, Frank was trained in the product line for most current avionics systems manufacturers and quickly became a huge asset to their repair station. Being a part of the manufacturing process for complete aircraft avionics systems equipped Frank with the skills needed to design, fabricate, install, operate, calibrate and troubleshoot nearly any current general aviation avionics system. When Bob Wolstenholme created Cascade Aircraft Management, Frank left Lancair and joined the new team as the lead of the Avionics department. The CAM team now focuses on troubleshooting and upgrading the avionics systems on any GA aircraft, as well as installing the Lancair avionics systems into their kit built aircraft during the build assist program. With the Avionics team in place at CAM, Frank is confident that his department has the skill set to tackle nearly any job to the highest quality standards.

Scotty Crandlemire – Sales/Pilot Services

Flying since 1984 and an Air Force Veteran, Scotty is most famous for his Aerobatics and Aircraft Racing, notably at Reno.  His easy going personality masks his many accomplishments and vast Aviation knowledge and expertise.  Scotty is a CFI specializing in advanced flight maneuvers and has flown a wide variety of aircraft.  Primarily responsible for sales at CAM, he is also a salesman for Lancair International.