Lancair 235 Shows up to CAM for Owner Assist Efforts

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Lancair 235

John F & John C brought their newly purchased Lancair 235 to CAM to assist in repairing a nose gear collapse by the previous owner. This aircraft represents a true “Legacy Aircraft” as the 235 was as close to Lancair founder, Lance Neibauer, original Lancair 200 that are still flying today. John C & F both are excited to get … Read More

N550AP Ready for DAR Inspection

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CAM’s customer, Ashley P, has completed her Lancair Legacy FG, N550AP to the stage it is ready for DAR inspection. This beautiful Legacy FG is somewhat unusual in that it has an TSIO-550-G twin-turbocharged engine from a Mooney to give it excellent high altitude performance. N550AP first flight is anticipated in early January 2017 so stay tuned for further developments!

Turbine Evolution N11LW Gets Airworthiness Certificate

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CAM’s sixth Evolution project, N11LW, for our customer Lew W. is nearing completion and was issued it’s Airworthiness Certificate in early December. Phase I flight testing will begin immediately and is anticipated to result in very few “squawks” for Lew. We are excited to deliver this aircraft, and it is the first CAM build with the de-ice boots.

ViperJet Project Arrives at CAM for Completion

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Viperjet Cam

CAM got the go ahead from Steve K. to complete his ViperJet project anticipated to fly in late 2017. Although the project was close to completion Steve was not able to successfully complete the project due to outside circumstances. CAM came to the rescue as our personnel has successfully completed other ViperJet projects and has extensive experience working on the … Read More

Oshkosh 2016–We Will be There!

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CAM Oshkosh

For one week each summer, EAA members and aviation enthusiasts totaling more than 500,000 from more than 60 countries attend EAA AirVenture at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where they rekindle friendships and celebrate the past, present and future in the world of flight. “The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration” has it all when it comes to aircraft. Warbirds. Vintage. … Read More

Reno Races 2013

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Reno 2013 proved to be an exciting yet challenging race this year. Bob Wolstenholme, owner of Cascade Aircraft Management, was there to show what the Lancairs’ are capable of. The CAM crew was there working long hours to ensure the best out of our race plane. Every year we learn more and more and will come back in 2014 ready … Read More